Fluido Irrigation

Patient Benefits

A stable core body temperature is essential for your patients. It reduces bleeding and will speed up recovery1. When using high volume irrigation fluids, the Fluido®Irrigation Fluid Warmer guarantees a normothermic fluid temperature and helps you to prevent hypothermia.

Benefits for Professionals

Simply connect the system, use the Fluido® PowerLifter II and start working the way you are used to, without any changes to your surgical technique. You can adjust the temperature to your surgical needs, from 30 up to 39°C. It guarantees the set fluid temperature administered to the patient*.

The Fluido®Irrigation is also perfectly suitable for use during irrigations, such as transurethral procedures, hystoscopies, orthopaedics and endoscopic surgery.

For irrigation procedures a special designed automated I.V. pole is available.

Fluido® Irrigation in use


Fluido® Powerlifter II  


- Adjustable height:  150 - 265 cm
- Lifting weight: 30 kg
- 4 Castors, 2 brakes (latex free) 

Fluido®Irrigation URO Set

The Fluido®Irrigation URO Set is specially designed for Urology.

  - Normothermic flow (= 36°C) of 50-680 ml/min*

- Backflow valve, ensuring no backflow at all times
- Patient line included (Art. no. 680801-B)


 The Fluido®Irrigation URO Patient Line is also available separately (Art. no. 680801-B) and allows the URO Set to be used on more than only one patients. TSCI also provides a Fluido®Irrigation URO Spike Set (Art. no. 680803-B) for the Patient Line. 


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