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Administering cold intravenous blood or large volumes of infusion fluids at room temperature can cause substantial hypothermia. Blood and fluid warmers play a significant role in maintaining normothermia and/or increasing a patient’s core body temperature.

The ideal blood and fluid warmer needs to be capable of delivering blood and fluid safely at both high and low flow rates. At high flow rates, the device also should be able to detect air and automatically shut off to prevent accidental infusion of air.
Generally, blood and fluid warmers are set up and monitored by either an anaesthesiologist or a nurse anaesthetist. Blood and fluid warmers are used in the operating theatres, emergency departments, intensive care units and general patient care areas

What you set is what you get 

The Fluido® is fast, accurate and safe. It provides intelligent heat, through inline flow and temperature measurement in the disposable cassette. The software calculates the loss of heat in the patient line and adjusts its heat capacity accordingly.
The set temperature is the temperature at the end of the patient line.


The Fluido® blood and fluid warming unit is based on infra red technology. It is a safe, dry and reliable method preventing the possibility of contamination when using water based systems. The Fluido® warms to the desired temperature in only 30 seconds and is suitable for all applications. From standard anaesthesia to high flow trauma and Irrigation.


Low, moderate and high flows 

  • Warms in only 30 seconds !

  • For all applications (From standard anaesthesia to high flow trauma) 
  • The Fluido is Fast, Safe & Easy





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