pNeuton A

pNeuton model A  ventilator with built-in CPAP for hospital environments
The pNeuton model A is a transport ventilator with built-in CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) for critical care patient support in hospital environments.

With simple-to-use controls – Tidal Volume, Respiratory Rate and Pressure Limit – pNeuton A can provide volume-targeted or pressure-limited ventilation. The built-in high output demand flow CPAP system insures critical care ventilation needs are optimized for spontaneous and mandatory breaths.

One device for OR, ICU, MRI, and more
Operating without the need of batteries or electrical power, the pNeuton A can help you care for the most difficult patients, from the emergency room to special procedures, MRI to the operating room and intensive care unit, wherever the patient may be located.

Benefits for the patient

  • Low patient Work of Breathing (WOB) with peak flow of up to 140 L/min to meet patient needs
  • 100% or 65% to match patient oxygen requirements
  • Switch from CPAP face mask to invasive ventilation seamlessly and without interruption
  • Low-profile, easy-seal mask reduces facial pressure

Benefits for the healthcare provider

  • Calibrated CPAP and oxygen controls for easy operation
  • MRI compatible up to 3.0T
  • Built-in CPAP/PEEP system with automatic sensitivity for changing patient needs; no need for external CPAP valves
  • Manometer to monitor patient pressure and effort
  • Monitor CO2 with invasive/non-invasive ventilation
  • Use the Safe-T-Vent Medication Nebulizer System and fill the nebulizer without losing CPAP
  • Built-in patient disconnect alarm with remote output to nurse call systems
  • Oxygen powered – no batteries
  • Rugged and lightweight (6.5 lbs / 3 kg)

Benefits for your budget

  • Two oxygen levels; conserve oxygen with 65% setting, double the tank time
  • 45-minute CPAP run time on a D cylinder
  • Demand flow system with minimal wasted oxygen
  • Standardized economical patient circuits with or without mask and head strap save on operating costs

The pNeuton ventilators are critical care devices designed for use by healthcare professionals under the direction of a physician.


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